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Carpet FAQs

Carpet FAQs

Our experts' answers to common questions we hear about carpeting.

What types of carpet are available?

That depends on what you mean by type! If you're referring to fiber types, you have a variety of natural and synthetic fibers from which to choose, including nylon, polyester, wool, olefin and more.

If you're referring to the construction and texture of the carpet, there are a variety of pile heights and types (such as cut, loop and cut-loop) as well as carpets of varying densities and twist, the latter of which refers to how tightly each fiber has been twisted.

At Staff Carpet, we have all of these carpet types available for you to browse and feel so you can see the differences for yourself!

How do I choose between natural and synthetic fiber?

This can be a tough decision, and it really comes down to specific products. In general, you can expect natural fiber carpets to be more naturally plush as well as more eco-friendly, but at a higher cost. Synthetic fibers are often less expensive, and may come with added features such as increased durability or stain resistance.

I have a large room and am worried about seams. What should I know before choosing carpet?

Seams are probably inevitable, unless your desired carpet comes in an unusually large roll size. That said, your carpet installation professional will do everything he or she can to minimize seam visibility. This usually involves a blueprint-like seaming diagram to map out the best places to hide seams in a large room. If you have specific concerns, be sure to consult your Staff Carpet expert before scheduling your installation.