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Area Rugs FAQs

Area Rugs FAQs

With so much design possibility, naturally area rugs raise a lot of questions. How to best use them, clean them, place them, design with them, etc. Below are some of the most common questions we hear from our own customers about area rugs.

How long will my area rug last?

A rug's durability is usually determined by the material from which it's made, combined with external factors like foot traffic. Carefully consider where you're going to put the rug and how you want it to be used, and you'll get a better sense of how long it's going to last. For example, a small rug placed by an entryway will wear much more quickly than a large rug beneath a dining room table.

What area rug size do I need for my room?

Thankfully, there's no one way to use an area rug - you have a lot of freedom! A good method to pick a size is to use tape or an old bed sheet to plot out the design before you pick the rug. You can see how different shapes and sizes impact the look and feel of a room. A large rug can make a room feel much smaller, while also clearly defining a seating area or framing a bed. A small rug can open a room up and serve as a more subtle decor item. It's all relative!

Do I need a rug pad?

Technically, no - but we highly recommend one! Rug pads not only add a little extra cushion, but they offer protection for both you and the rug. The rug pad will prevent your rug from sliding around, making high-traffic areas safer and keeping your rug from wearing more quickly.