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About Us

Learn about the services and history of Staff Carpet, from our humble beginnings til now

Our History

The early years (1960s & 70s)

Staff Carpet came into existence in its earliest form in the early 1960's, on the back and out of the truck of Jim Staff. Starting in the early 60's, Jim Staff began to make frequent trips to Dalton, Georgia to buy carpet, which he then sold around Springfield and other parts of Illinois. With the emphasis on needs and desires of the customer, Jim would peddle carpet from Monday to Friday and then on the weekends opened shop in a small warehouse. Over time the warehouse began to prove more profitable than the peddling and Jim bought a small warehouse on the North side of Springfield. Jim Staff created the store with the idea of maintaining low overhead in order to keep prices low for the customer and that is how the business grew.

Staff Carpet relied on word of mouth from a faithful clientele to reach new customers. Over time, the business grew, and in 1971 Jim Staff purchased a location and moved his business next to the fairgrounds. At that point, the Staff Carpet family consisted of Jim and a warehouse assistant. The evolution of Staff Carpet continued in the late 70's and early 80's when it began advertising and experienced dramatic growth.

Second and Third Generations

In 1988, Jim's son, John, and his wife, Debbie, purchased the company. What had begun strictly as a carpet store soon began to branch out and embrace the divergent tastes of the consumer. With the quality of flooring materials at an all-time high, in the late 80's and early 90's, Staff Carpet began to sell a variety of other floor-coverings.

At the turn of the millennium, John & Debbie’s daughter Kim began to take interest in the business. She started working part-time at Staff Carpet as a receptionist and later began her career in sales, learning everything she could about the business from her dad and the other experienced employees. After college, Kim took a full-time sales associate position at Staff Carpet and never looked back. Today, Kim is fully involved in the now 3rd generation family owned and operated business. Over the years, John and Kim have continued to work together to develop the business into what it is today, including the 2013 move to a new, 27,000 square foot location at the corner of Veteran’s and Browning Road. This move doubled the space of the previous building and allowed room for Kim to start incorporating her passion for design-inspired flooring.

Customer-first philosophy

While striving to keep up with the evolving floor-covering industry, Staff Carpet has remained a customer-oriented business

This commitment to the customer can clearly be seen in quality and commitment of the installers and employees. Staff Carpet works with several trusted and recommended installers; this relationship allows them to more carefully cater to the customers' needs and to go the extra mile to make sure that they receive the quality of service that they deserve. However, perhaps the most important aspects of Staff Carpet, which allows them to provide quality service to the consumer, are the experienced and dedicated employees. The combined experience and knowledge of the staff coupled with the expertise of John and Kim Staff provides stability and professionalism in a relaxed and comfortable, family-oriented setting.

As Staff Carpet looks to the future, they do not envision any large changes. It is and will remain a family owned and operated business. They plan to continue to evolve to provide the best and most up-to-date products in the industry, while at the same time maintaining the values that have helped it to grow over the years. And as always, word of mouth from a loyal customer base will continue to be better for them than any other kind of advertisement ever could be.

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Staff Cares

At Staff Carpet, we believe that when we work to make the world a better place for those in need, we make it better for us all. In this spirit, we're committed to caring for our community and giving back by contributing to many local charitable organizations and causes.

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